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Joana Rafael (b.1979) is an architect, researcher, lecturer and ghostwriter, currently based in Porto, Portugal, working between architecture, (issues of) ecology, material culture and technology. She holds a PhD (2017) in Visual Cultures and an MRes (2009) in Research Architecture from Goldsmiths, University of London, an MA (2008) from the Metropolis Graduate Programme in Architecture and Urban Culture, run by the Centre for Contemporary Culture, Barcelona and a degree (2002) in Architecture from the University of Minho, Guimarães. Joana teaches Contextual Studies and Contemporary Culture -related courses, and is a member of ID+ (Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture) and CEGOT (Center for Studies in Geography and Spatial Planning). Joana is also a certified farmer.

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Burying Solid Waste Problems

Held in / Published by Wastes 2019, Lisbon, Portugal

Burying Solid Waste Problems: Sanitary Land challenges in mainland Portugal emphasizes that solid waste is causal to pollution and contamination of soils, air and waters, as well as health and epidemiological risks. The magnitude of its consequences is capable of imprint serious changes on human genome and on the planet. It pressed climate policies linked to demands of efficient production and sustainability precepts -, and the expansion of waste treatment and management programs to deal with the problems associated with the wastes. However, the most widely used method supporting these programs, in Portugal, is waste disposal by burial in sanitary landfills with over landscape remediation and redevelopment works. This paper argues that this method does little more than to sweep our environmental responsibility under a green carpet, and it calls for more ethical and irreverent solutions to eliminate wastes.

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