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Joana Rafael (b.1979) is an architect, researcher and lecturer currently based in Porto, Portugal, working between architecture, (issues of) ecology and visual culture. She holds a PhD (2017) in Visual Cultures and an MRes (2009) in Research Architecture from Goldsmiths, University of London, an MA (2008) from the Metropolis Graduate Programme in Architecture and Urban Culture, run by the Centre for Contemporary Culture, Barcelona and a degree (2002) in Architecture from the University of Minho, Guimarães. Joana is a member of ID+ (Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture), NIAM (Nucleus of Research in Arts and Multimedia) and CEGOT (Center for Studies in Geography and Spatial Planning). Joana also possesses a Certificate of Sustainable Agriculture and Biological Farming Practice, from Espaço Virtual, Porto, Portugal.

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Who's the Savage in our Reservations?

Held in / Published in portuguese as Quem é o Selvagem das nossas Reservas?
in 18ART

Who is the Savage in our Reservations problematizes the recasting of Nature in Zoned Spaces for Conservation. In recent years, conceptions of nature as a realm apart from, and subservient to the human, is growingly being challenged in prol of a recognition of an egalitarian and inextricably intertwined way with the human (sic) being-in-the world. An international grouping of artists and activists, in their various practices and conceptual engagements, participated in this transformation. Mirroring recent philosophical developments (such as new materialism, speculative realism, object-oriented ontology and new waves of eco-feminism) these have helped to rethink humanity's relation to nature and the environment, and to resit the legacy of old instrumental attitudes towards - and ideas of - nature, as well as the arrangements of reservation for its conservation. This paper portrays how this transformation has challenged the metaphysical division harming, negatively and violently, in the Amazonian forest and the planetary environment.

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